Columbia Lightning comes under new ownership…

New Owner/Manager of the Columbia Lightning is now Tony Lucio.  Here is his announcement:

Born in Chicago and raised for the most part in Los Angeles, California, my favorite sports are hockey, baseball and football as I dropped basketball a few years back after they blew up my Bulls after the championships run. Pro football could lose me if they continue down the road of interfering with the game more and more with instant replay and idiotic penalties such as the taunting rule. 

A commissioner of many sports leagues over the years having started with the APBA board game in the ‘70’s then on to include Action PC and Diamond Mind, I am glad that these games have evolved into the computer versions so that we as gamers aren’t limited to the play by mail or in person play. I am currently in the HBHA and run the Don Zimmer and Fan’s Choice Baseball leagues and looking forward to having some fun in the FHL.

Tony Lucio ( email address:





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