Chesapeake Bay Hawks come under new management…

Please welcome Terry Starbody as the new owner/manager of the Cheaspeake Bay Hawks.   Please see his bio below.

I am 64 Retired worked night shift whenever possible most of working life.  Played Strat & APBA since 1960′s.  Stuck with Strat up until last month or so.  The game I remember most from early APBA days was their Golf game.  Made 2 baseball opening days at Strat-O-Matic driving from Illinois to Long Island, NY.  Baseball & Hockey is all I play.  I am very open to on-line play.

  Never played hockey but, love it.  It appears I have inherited a play-off contending team.  Hope I do not disappoint. Chicago Blackhawks fan.  If any one wants to unload any ‘Hawks….I am willing to listen.
  AIM/Buddy List is pkbooicu3.
  In late 90′s into early 2000′s I ran an EASports simulation hockey league on internet.  All 30 teams, injuries, no drafts(whatever team rookies came in the game was that team’s property).  Simmed every Tuesday & Friday.  Large website.  and on and on……
 I be ready men.
Chesapeake Bay Hawks
Federated Hockey League
Terry Starbody


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