About FHL

1. Games should be fun to play and you should look forward to play your game and it should not be a chore to play.
2. Play when it is convenient! The 80 game season would only be 40 home games played by each owner.  These games would be against the visiting opponent owner programmed computer manager.  The regular season would be 6 months so this would amount to 5-7 games every 4 weeks.  Netplay would be optional during the regular season.
3. The League should be engaging. More active news reports and pre game predictions. Everyone shouldn’t be playing in a vacuum like so many leagues are today where all you see are the updated standings once per month. An actively updated webpage is a must!
4. Computer Managers are okay to play in place of owners on home games but coaches should have the option to play their games live.
5. Drafting should be fair and fun.   The Draft is to be set up to allow the worse teams to get better sooner.
6. Commissioner should be a facilitator and not a dictator.   New ideas are to be encouraged.
7. Parity is the name of the game. Our teams should be as closely balanced as possible so everyone has a chance to win.
8. The Hockey Season should mean something.  I hate it when teams work hard to finish first and then have no real discernible advantage over the 8th place team in a seeding system other than one extra home game. Therefore there will be only 4 Wild Cards in addition to the divisional winners per conference that will qualify for the playoffs.  Each division winner gets an automatic bye for the first round of the playoffs. The post season will be best of 7 for all post season rounds.
9. Winner of tournament should get a real trophy (not a virtual trophy). This will have an engraved name of winning coach and team. This Trophy will be passed along from owner to owner depending on who wins next season finals with the name added to the name plate.  Also teams should be recognized for individual players who have special achievements (ex. Sniper Award for most power plays; Gunslinger Award for most goals; Magician Award for most assists, T-Rex award for most PIM, etc., etc.).
10. The league will be customer service oriented and helpful to newbies.
11. The game should be as realistic a simulation of modern day hockey as possible.  Action PC! Hockey made by Dave Koch Sports will be the base game of choice for the FHL!
12. Commissioner has FHL Executive committee to ensure the smooth running of the league. Things must be in best interest of league too. There can also be an assistant commissioner who is a team owner. This person will arbitrate any problems involving the commissioner run team.  The FHL Executive committee will also oversee all trades within FHL requiring 2 or 3 approval system involving the assistant commissioner and FHL Executive Group designee (sometimes the commissioner but sometimes an appointed player Czar from among one of the teams).
13. Everyone should treat each other with respect and courtesy. After all we are role models for the younger generation, no??
14. Constitution should be a guideline and not a rules document since it is impossible to cover  every  eventuality including computer glitches in the games.  The Commissioner should reserve the right to rule on what is in the best interest of the league.
15. FHL hopes to foster an active blogging environment be it through FHL Webpage, FHL Facebook, and other Social Media.